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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK VII

JLGC(Japan Local Government Centre)
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations(CLAIR, London)

Report for one year after the London Olympic facilities are located in the following

When you Excerpt from "use after their tournament and was built stadium in the Olympic Park in London Olympics"

Basketball Arena
Only in construction has been temporary stadium for the London Olympic Games. The removal and possible reuse. Already been removed, I'm looking for a current buyer.

The Copper Box
Handball, it was used as a stadium fencing like. I was re-opened in July 2013. After re-open, basketball, badminton, and has become a handball arena, can also be used as a venue for sports events.

Eaton Manor
Although originally was Sports Center graduates has been the creation of Eton is a prestigious public school, where it had not been used since 2001, it has been re-used as a stadium at the London Olympics. 2014-2016 years wheelchair tennis championship, it is used as a venue for the European Hockey Championship in 2015.

Riverbank Arena
It was built as a hockey stadium of reusable temporary. Already been demolished, I was transferred to the "Eton Manor," above.

For track racing Velodrome "Berodoromu (Velodrome)", it has become the energy efficiency of high design that is friendly to the environment, has won many awards related to architecture and design. After the Olympics, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority has been owned and operated. It is used as a venue for the 2016 UCI Track World Championships.

London Aquatics Centre
15,000 seats and toilet of the seats 17,500 seats, has been recycled using the recycling system of polyvinyl chloride called "Binirupu (Vinyloop)".

Water Polo Arena
It was built as a temporary venue for water polo. Can be reused by using a system called aforementioned "Binirupu". Already been removed.

Olympic Stadium
It was built in the design that can reduce the auditorium after the Olympics. Decorations called "wrap (wrap)" 8 which covers the outer periphery of the stadium, already sold order to provide for use in the event that contains the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016.
Scheduled to re-open in 2016. The same year more than 99 years, soccer teams of England's Premier League, "West Ham United" is, to use the main tenant of the stadium (anchor tenant) next, as the home.
In addition, "the British Association of Athletics Federations (UK Athletics)" is, have won the right to use the track of the same stadium from every year the end of June of 50 years from 2016 until the end of July.
Formal re-open before the 2015 fall, in addition to have decided that it is used as a Rugby World Cup venue, it is used as a venue for the World Athletics Championships in 2017.

In addition, in the Greenwich Park Equestrian has been made Japanese architect also has been active.

Speaking of Greenwich Park, It is such site.

Here I'm is a little problem to build a permanent building.

Equestrian at the Olympics is the after being successfully done I have been removed

What is possible is it, That's because it was temporary in the same way as the festival.

Yama嵜 Kazuya's report that has been designed and supervision facilities of using the pipe 20 000 seats as of bamboo tower of Japanese festival is located in the following.
Oar Olympics athletes protagonist, architecture festival
Japanese who are active in the Olympics

When we compare now with gudaguda of problems that are happening in the Tokyo Olympic facility, I do not think the reuse Toka Toka temporary of Toka recycling facilities often?

You pay at the concert use of idle Maybe, I'm not sure whether Toka or lawn grows, you will surely grow, Toka, I do not know whether construction costs will be much, but I do not but build, whether with Unlike , but it is decent adult support.

50,000 Olympic Stadium that had also consider that to remove the 5000 seats are no longer removed eventually.
Re remodeling because was decided combination of ball field and athletics stadium.

With that said, the Olympic Stadium has become a local team home ground of "West Ham United FC" in the Premier League.

And I think well you know when it was people of football fans to hear that "Premier League", but it is one of the Football League currently the world's highest.
In Europe there is a history of more than 150 years for the soccer competition such as the current.
The start but it was a London of the United Kingdom, for each country born professional soccer team in each country, and I got to do a league of soccer.
"Serie A" to is the first division of Italy, "La Liga" is a first division of Spain.
Japan 's you know, "J-League".

As a general noun When I hear the "Premier League", it seems like you're pointing to the top division of those countries, but is different.
"Premier League" is the British league.

England Football League sluggish from the 1980s, How can had the aging and hooligan incidents such as the various problems of the facility, Thatcher regime leverage Put the era have been made, the Football League until it in 1992 1 is composition new FA Premier League from part League, also broadcast rights and sponsorship enables, management also can be successful, successful regeneration of England Football League has led to now.
1st Division of soccer's the Premier League in England.

As the home of West Ham United FC that belong to the Premier League, as well as keep the renovated part of the stand 54 000 seats, the following features have been incorporated.

Stand it had to design a mechanism to approach the pitch during the football game.

If I thought so well go kana, and, I seem to have gone well.

Although is why we have seen the various facilities of the London Olympic Games in the fact that,

The first place region resulted in this time of Olympic main venue is called the East End of London, is a downtown London development was delayed.
Was once the town of immigrants and engaged in forced the poor to simple labor in overcrowded residential situation even worse around 1900.

Dock in the 20th century, factories, but had become the industrial zone, including the railway, during the Second World War is also the attack target point of the German army, it is such a city then was also followed by devastation.

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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK? VI

In, what do How was London convention of the most recent Olympic 2012.
I from London held is the third time in the first place
And 4th of 1908 and has been held in 1948. (1944 is the stop for the World War)

2012 main stadium of London Games is new.

It was that accommodate 80,000 people conduct the opening and closing ceremonies at this stadium.
And I was open competition in also 80 000 seats in the new National Stadium the number of this time basis.

So far, but is why has preached the renovation reuse of old facilities in Athens and Los Angeles.

Do not you have built a new 80,000-seat facility is the most recent of London, and Shokei engaged in ridiculous plan of the new National Stadium is I think I'm self-justification.
Since Ya do London recommendation has to do so also 80 000 people a do or in new construction Tokyo! And

"Hon'nara you also do either! Die dies London" but is where you want to say

It is, however, London senior is different gang you are familiar with the Olympics or rather indeed.
Or in the London Olympics to do with facilities after the Olympics, and what wear if the settlement after the Olympics, I was well think about.

This is the overall picture of the stadium.

The bottom of the layers, and the structure of the audience area below loosely from the portion just looks like a terrain, auditorium part that is supported by double triple ring structure Nokkaru above I can desorption.

25 000 seats of the lower structure as a permanent permanent seat
55 000 seats of the superstructure as a temporary temporary seat

Actually, I'm not a 80 000 people.

Olympic after the end of such of the 80 000-person capacity stadium will I become very baggage.

After completion of the Olympics to consider usage, I in the worst case has been designed to be compact.

In vain fool plan of the New National Stadium, even though not even arrived in time to no longer Rugby World Cup, the Shokei you have stick still, I would like you to this fact Shikato ascertaining.

So, the other facilities of the London Olympics says the same or
(Facilities for swimming competitions) Aquatics Center in the main stadium and the Olympic Park in East London in the same way is this.

Again, permanent seat 2500, in the temporary seat 15 000, I will remove it after the Olympics.

And as expected, has been built reduced.

But even during the Olympic appearance in there was a huge audience that extends on both sides,

After the exhibition will have been taken down.

There was also a blueprint.

Cross-sectional shape at the time of the Olympic Games

The cross-sectional shape of the post-Olympic end

Please look at the lower left of this drawing is notable.

It is written as "SECTION LEGACY MODE".

By "SECTION" means "sectional view".

"MODE" is, "I now work mode" as or vice versa, but now the computer or game is popular will or use in slang of "state" or "plight", meaning such as "form" I.

The "LEGASY" It means such as "heritage", "assets".

In other words, this facility I is used the way after the Olympic Games, is designed been incorporated that to stay alive as Olympic heritage as an asset that from the beginning.

The result becomes a useless after the Olympics, and now lack to management, there is also the ruins of the facility. There is also a facility that is compressing the runaway finances the maintenance costs and at the same time I was just a huge Hakomono of for the Olympics.

So as not to be so, I plan to make it easier re-use of it while leaving the London Olympics of memory had been conceived.

The Aquatics Center I like had been planned from before the Olympic decision, but trying to hide what, I design's architect Zaha Hadid was chosen in the new National Stadium competition.

In this Aquatics Center even length about 200m scale of the roof, also 30m as in there is only height, to a 4-minute one about the size of the new National Stadium, because there is no moving parts, realize the shape of Zaha it seems can be.

And has realized the "big tongue" shaped roof structure by method of the same as a three-dimensional three-dimensional truss and Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center of Azerbaijan.

However, the estimated construction from the very beginning of the budget is three times the 200 million 40 million pounds, finally but seems to have become to 600 million pounds,

Is about the huge size and its shape structure, which is a maximum factor of today's new National Stadium problem is difficult to hold towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but just because Zaha is designed not mean necessarily huge I can see that no.

Considered experts created by the seriously competition demands of the new National Stadium rather, Incorporating the needs no mistake, if the judges of the new National Stadium competition is made the right decision to have a sense of responsibility, designer architecture also in what people is why had been established.

So make small, to inherit the legacy, if it was demand of competition called, would have architect who is proposed in its range.

London Olympics when you attract decision in 2005, "Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee London · (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, LOCOG)" has been installed is a thing called.

City of London on the occasion of the Olympic Games at the same time, this East London area (Hackney Ward, Newham District, Tower Hamlets District, Waltham Forest District, Greenwich District and 6th district of London plus Barking And Dagenham District) a, and positioned as Olympic host municipality, this 6th district is security, learning achievement, health, residential level, it was listed in the goal to catch up to the average of the City of London in the field of life, such as life expectancy "for strategic redevelopment I have made a policy of framework (Strategic Regeneration Framework) ".

In addition, we have established agency responsible for re-use of the facility called "Olympic Park Legacy Corporation (Olympic Park Legacy Company, OLPC)".

When this time of the Tokyo Olympics, not yet one is not organized well composition, such as to induce such specific and effective urban policy, also appear institutions responsible.

Only there is a poem and confusion, a is Tadao Ando responsible for all the problems from the beginning to the end fundamentally, still repeat the lie and the sophistry of ad hoc, I only just run about trying to escape the single-mindedness.

From Masuzoe governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government is returned from the visit to London of Olympic facilities, you'll need a lot of review. I've been speaking with, I do not not even root plan should be reviewed.

People of policy makers is to first make a great policy, then what should constitute what Tokyo in this Olympic opportunity, from the perspective of urban planning point of view and consumers, now 50 years, how to 100 years such is it leave a legacy, also in '50 so far, 100 years of the same to be such whether inherit a legacy, it is what I would like you to think about such a primary problem.

In that sense, now,, Toka not miss the new National Stadium plan 's Rugby World Cup, dismantling of the current National Stadium becomes postal rigging and commotion, a lot of problems a lot of things are still unresolved it becomes an opportunity for people to know, and I think that it is a good chance to take heart the rudder.

This "London Olympic legacy Corporation" There was one of the materials are working on how to re-use of the facility.

To be continued

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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK? V

Whether Is Tokyo-2020 OK IV
In it is used in Introducing the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, which was
Stadium that has been reused as goal venue of marathon in 2004 Athens Olympics.

Panathinaiko Stadium I called "Panamax Cena good girl Stadium".
In Greek it seems referred to as (Παναθηναϊκό Στάδιο),
It was called before more than a thousand years, but it is really more before tremendously.
It is built in BC 329 years, it is renovated in 250 BC,
The BC 131 years had been rebuilt by marble.

Because to understand the BC comes out hesitation, when you called some years ago
Been built in 2333 before, it is renovated in 2264 before, it was rebuilt in 2145 before.
I will be that.
It is this era, the Roman era.
At the same time it is Macedonia of Alexander the Great's era.

Warring States period in China, Qin, Chu Qi, Yan-Zhao Wei, is divided into Korea of seven countries, it is the time of the Meng Award kun before coming out Toka Shi Huangdi.
You have been quite drawn in novels of Miyagi valley teacher, I is the time most interesting among the Chinese history.
Cao Cao, Liu Bei, it is long ago still before 500 years of the famous Three Kingdoms in Sun Quan, et al.

Japan and say this time and what was not, we do not know well.
Only statement that sixth generation of Takayasu's emperor is in the Kojiki and Japan secretary.

It is not a tremendous historic buildings in the wind that, but greatness of genre of architecture that its value is questioned beyond this long time.

Architectural culture but I was able to show the figure to the people of the world after also perish its civilization.
Words without through, but also even lost, it is possible to exchange the number ten generations exchange past people and sensibility.

Or city that became everyone have not as of Inca and Maya have been discovered from the jungle, you can be dug out of the desert as Egypt, and I think you have been or are discovered from an artificial satellite.

What it is is I academic to think the, what can be grafted, in the case of a Japanese architect, trend after the war in '70 to disdain the such a historical education for each era in architectural science at such a historical genealogy originally and has also followed through.

It, but I have reiterated many times in the gurnard, you more also that in response to the city bombing the city and the environment on a large scale had been lost in the Pacific War,

In the same time the process of architectural education and design education, each to something waiting further neutral grounds is, the education that he is the architectural design for the self-expression in a personal manifestation, it has continued also performed this several decades at the university, such a human resources education has continued here two generations.

The called culture to undergo reorganization and change over three generations and produces a pretty dangerous situation. That is, when up to Grandpa and grandson are planting the same ideological format, because rebounding is become much more difficult.

In that sense, meaning the, now in their 20s architectural work of students and architecture that has been learned that the architect of the teacher of over 80 years of age in the new National Stadium problem is calling on young people become very hard please be clenching seriously young people who took to.

You it is, when you did not Uketsuge the words of desperate masters architect beyond this 80-year-old, I die really of Japanese architecture culture.

At the same time, 40s 50s architects including me, please wake up whether eye.

It is of such you who are you located in the center of the relay to pass the baton of this architectural culture.

It was about the nature of the venue in Athens Olympics as two round of Olympic named.

Well, it was then subjected to a second time, Los Angeles.
Or would've been done with the new new because I'm American

And that the 1776 founding, there is only the history of the 200 decades.
Moreover, it is also because it is in 1846 had reached the west coast, but I do not only the history of the real 150 years,

Upon twice held the 10th of 1932 and the 23rd of 1984
Have been re-used.
It is named the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Candidate cities under the influence of the Great Depression of 1929 is as determined as it is there is only Los Angeles.
Around the world it was held in a very situation that go towards the catastrophe of unprecedented.

And, in 1984

I looks as it is distinctive gate.

This is a 1984 opening ceremony I remember well was descended people carrying a small jet.

Especially in this tournament is famous that it did not use a penny tax.
Later I also negative part that became so called a commercial Olympics, but broadcast fees and sponsor revenue, sales, etc. of memorabilia, raise the surplus of 40 billion yen, the full amount of youth promotion and Sports it seems to have been donated for.

It is a large difference and yet commercial Olympics of to will likely current situation by introducing a large amount of tax.

In addition, the United States seems to Nikki make a renovation plan this stadium in 2016 towards the next generation.

This is the roof of the stand.

It Are You are the appropriate use to bears the name of the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium.

The memorial is the meaning of Memorial.
Memorial A, it means that leave so that the memories.

"To Meiji Jingu Gaien'm only history of 100 years was Takada, though before that was the parade ground of the army, what 's history, what is culture' s" but you have to say Ya wants architectural historian and, the face the Come fresh start to wash! Is.

I'm not a natural phenomenon of each others for Tteyuu history!
All people'm parties.

By its civilization and national and town, but temporal length and strength are different each, I participate in the history of the members belong the society of all of the community is obliged to fateful.

What Is History?

How can I wrote at the beginning of the regimen you used at the time of the lecture the other day of the Kyoto University of Art and Design

[History] History

Plight of some sort of thing has been changes in time, it relates to a document or record of thing.

According to philosopher Wilhelm Windelband, whereas science is a general rule repeatable history is not repetitive, history is defined as having as much and personality once.

And, architecture is most media can lead to the Chronicle.

[Chronicle] Chronicle
Hen'nenshi, placed on the annals, and kept to a history, to record the event in chronological order

The culture and civilization there full of those characters and records had been lost. That it is possible to Shinobu the bygone days, even beyond the generations, is the architecture.


A structure that the space with the inside of the for human activities, planning, design, that of the entire process of action leading up to construction and use, and that of its structure

Architecture rather than simply worth the modeling and design of the structure, it is because there remains a trace of human behavior in there throughout society.

So, now, what to do with the new National Stadium? Question is imposed on all of the people, in particular it is possible to understand the situation has expertise to architecture, can be people of interpretation to the surroundings, must be considered from directly in front.

Next, London tournament.

When London tournament is called How was whether,

I continued to 6

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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK? IV

Here you and will be in the following bursting the history of the Olympics.
(Summer Olympics)

1896 Athens, Edison invented activities photo
1900 Paris, Boxer Rebellion
1904 St. Louis, Russo war
1908 London, 1st Brazil immigration
1912 Stockholm, Japan player's first participation.
Discontinued in 1916 6th for the first World War Berlin
1920 Antwerp inaugurated International Federation
1924 Paris, Meiji Jingu Gaien Stadium completed
1928 Amsterdam, Chang Tso-lin incident
1932 Los Angeles、 Manchukuo established
1936 Berlin、 February 26 Incident
1938 send back Tokyo tournament. The Helsinki to alternate site
Discontinued in 1940 for the 12th Helsinki World War II
1944 London canceled because of the 13th World War II
London Date year (1948) the 14th 1948 Germany is not invited
1952 Helsinki, San Francisco Peace Treaty
1956 Melbourne, pollution problem Minamata disease certification
1960 Rome, Vietnam War
1964 Tokyo, Meishin, the Tokaido Shinkansen opened
1968 Mexico City, 300 million yen robbery
1972 Munich, Asama Zhuang incident
1976 Montreal, Lockheed scandal
1980 Moscow, Iran-Iraq war
1984 Los Angeles, Glico Morinaga case
1988 Seoul, Tokyo Dome completed 24th
1992 Barcelona, Bosnia conflict
1996 Atlanta, Democratic Party formed
2000 Sydney, Yoshiro Mori in Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi died successor
2004 Athens, Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake Sumatra earthquake
2008 Beijing, iPhone released
2012 London, Sky Tree completion, the yen 77 yen table
2016 Rio de Janeiro
2020 Tokyo

Out of aborted 29 times 3 times out of the try arranging this and modern Olympic Games 32 times (including plans),
In the host country have been made four times and twice in Germany and Australia of the United States.
Real, the second time in the same city is performed, Athens, Paris, London, is a Los Angeles and Tokyo.

There was an image that has been held in various countries in that celebration of international sport, but it was not really.
Given, including the Winter Olympics, is a more remarkable,
America seven times, France 5 times, Japan 4 times, you have become Germany and Canada and Italy three times.
I say surprisingly If you think anew, and What was likely, and All in all.
This eventually, because is that the Italy Germany Japan and Australia and France Britain and the United States, it does not take the fact that only the parties to the war?
Causes and parties that was canceled are also wearing fine, and I will see that that is working dynamics of international political celebration of the Olympic Games.

However, the Olympics because it is a general rule is that the city held, I think Athens, Paris, London, held policy towards Tokyo of 2020 the same city held were determined subsequent to Los Angeles to become the place to which the world paid attention.

Because it is nearly 100 years before either of that twice in Paris held, but a little I think less likely to reference,
And I think very would be helpful is something 2004 Athens Olympics of case 10 years ago from now.

Stadium was like the main venue.

Well Well, again rather than covering the stadium in a circle, I have designed the keel-shaped arch. Softening put the straight spine to the shape of the stadium I was so also of the Sochi Olympics venue, but I was the epidemic of this much in '10.
Spanish architect, is Santiago Calatrava design.

Nanda, the new National Stadium competition, "revolutionary!" "You want to Japan Genki!" "Bridges! And never seen!" Tadao Jury President Ando at Toka is I was told that you selected in Horuhoru excited ,,,,, whether Calatrava was doing in its own way.

Please refer to here because we have commentary previously for Zaha draft
Basic design of the new National Stadium is not finished! ⑤

However the difference between Zaha you will find the suppressed behavior over tension from the left and right triangular and that it is as a cable-stayed bridge to suspend the roof eaves stand.

Its sides are building systems that are achieved fusion of structure and design, including the Yoyogi Olympic pool of Tange Kenzo teacher.

The relationship between the structure and design of this per, structure house a is Saito Kimio teacher of large space dome that represents the current Japan because we make yourself described in detail in an interview with JIA magazine, and by all means I hope you read there.

"Two of feeling against the new National Stadium"
Next: I hear this from -7 Kimio Mr. Saito of architect

The main venue of the stadium of Athens, unlike corruption case of Zaha draft of the new National Stadium, rather not you worry about is growling uh-huh by've decided variant earlier, because Calatrava's original civil engineers, mechanical did on considering the mechanism before, since Aru to enhance the design, we have a Well unreasonable there is no shape.

However, the roof is a setting that does not open and close.

Well, I was over this stadium pretty money.
Although had become a hot topic in the foreign site, when you called what is happening the venue facilities through the '10 from Athens Olympics,,

And this is it is, unfortunately,

The'm so become now.

Main venue around also

Acha, I have been devastated.

Although baseball field, such as it was so beautiful at the time of the Olympic

Now, this is Zama.

Pen Pen is grass.

Fall - no, what do such because not popular baseball because Greece
It's okay because leverage by or on if it was Japanese professional baseball home! There may be some voice that,,

Nara, I do what about the Toka canoe competition?
It is an ultra-violent Han pool flowing,,

Burns are people who do in mountain streams and lakes canoe, canoe competition facility will happens do after Olympic,,,

Pen Pen is grass.

There was also the that beach volleyball facility.

Oh! Amazing. I've been to the audience and high touch to jump.
Now here it is not than have questioned the disciplines.

It is about whether,, is happening utilization of facilities.

Also in this beach volleyball venue

Was Pen Pen grass.

For the addition to "10 years after the Athens Olympics venue", but had been variously introduced

Well, I am a bit of ruins.

It is not this in Japan? I will not be in Japan.

The operation either to not do regardless, it will continue to maintenance kit continues to put on a regular cleaning.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

So, first glance unlike Athens I think not ruins of.

But, Maki teacher is extends enshrined as "silence of civil engineering facilities" as you pointed out, I think do is turn into a facility, such as Heigei the endlessly around without even the usually are generally available.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

Even though come to idle the concert, even come to see a soccer game, I will not be Nan'nimo fun other than that fall within the venue.

And out of the crowded out intense, Yobi-ya's also entertainment professional also, in a concert that can not be to crowded intense I think that it can not recover the venue costs.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

If left now of planning,'m the only road and artificial ground is around, even now because private shop around is I not hold only Hope eaves and several other hotels in relation to the peacetime frequency of use,

As a result, often there is no choice but to reluctantly situation use the restaurant, which is expensive to set for the construction cost recovery as the restaurants and cafes in the public facilities are expected.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

Come to think of it, because there is no Meiji Park and public toilets, because likely taxi break even harder, I do not know whether survive even Hope eaves.

Greece've got to economic collapse and because it originally lazy country! Some people called.

When Japan national everyone of emergency, since I work as workhorse, if you use a much thousand eight hundred yen more than 100 million people total population drink full kinda went to the tavern, the New National to enjoy two weeks of Olympic who became release said in it is and public places built the stadium will stay.

Grandfather also grandmother also sick also Would do elementary and junior high school students both a full drink settings in tavern infant

Since this stood too belly, but did not talk about until now, it does not allow absolutely. Please baked in the eyes because those volunteers will them to videos UP.

Anona, this emergency he contingency of do you avoid!
Playful also travel to irresponsible for!

With that said, Greece and called a,, at all or Damedame of the

In fact, I will not!
Up to this referral facility was Damedame.

However! I had a great facility plan as Olympic venue.
It is I, is also playing in front of the ancient building more than 1000.

And it's reproduction of the reproduction.

1896 is when the first time Athens tournament.

This facility in 2004 after 108 years I've been re-playing.

Is I find're also utilized as a green oasis of urban space.

But is not already taking advantage,, and originally in 1000 over the previous Greek architect to say that taking advantage of the natural terrain

It is not even utilizing the.

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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?III

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK?III

The following article came out.

Taisei and showed serious in the new National Stadium of notoriety Funpun, Takenaka of speculation
| Close-Up Enterprise |

This is the Web version of the economic magazine diamond.

"In the industry has been said to favorite is Taisei Corporation and Takenaka Corporation. The two companies had enough reason for the only aim orders seriously."

Because we have been written, Suwa! Did that matter Suppanui! And I thought with, but was different.
However, you have now the situation is summarized well.
Please by all means read the text.

When some will excerpt

"" It was from Anna of you do not want to order the absolute, "" the complexity of the structure, it is going to be a deficit, "" out had better get off from competition for orders "to visibly ──. Between general contractors industry stakeholders the notoriety Funpun is, but rebuilding construction of the National Stadium which is the main stadium of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic of 2020. plan overlaid the vagus second only to the vagus, which discourage the welcome mood of the Olympics. "

"For. ~ Bid-rigging allegations first bid upset .2 times eyes ~ collusion information were received of demolition work, such as receiving a pursuit in the Diet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to answer the" police are investigating. ", unpredictable. "

In "such a situation, JSC in order to order separately the rebuilding work of building body to 2 Engineering section of the stand and the roof, as the favorite among the. General contractor officials who Shimeki~tsu the proposed general contractor company of technology to October 10 names that become prosperous, in the stand Engineering District Taisei's Takenaka Corporation in the roof Engineering District. this two companies, there is sufficient reason to aim orders seriously. "

It came with, Come on, do whatever reason is exposed Jai!
A well-known fact and if the do not and I Once,, Nan thing I thought building officials.

1. Taisei will want to also do this time because I did also before.

"Taisei was worked the current stadium" contractor ". Also Yamauchi Takashi President rebuilding work, have professed to be so far repeatedly in interviews "This would also like working on". "

2. Takenaka to proven dome roof, not you want to do work in the Middle East?

If ask complete the "~ work of Mr. this difficult Zaha, it's perfect to PR of technical capabilities in order to advance in the Middle East that expected to be huge construction future. Risk is higher for Takenaka, but I can say that attractive projects. The technical capabilities of Takenaka who worked on the dome stadium across the country, ordering party is seeking rather "

It was wishful thinking specific content such as.

However, you deserve to evaluation that the general economy paper is depressing to the press to be the construction industry paper if originally thrust more and more.
And it's really great and because it is inscribed manuscript.

Now, this person said something in registered and in any pros and cons about the problem I and culture people with all guts to define.
This is the "Weekly Diamond" edit part of Satoru Okada's written and I would like to send an ale.

Well, I is the largest of the attractions of this article
I'm actually this simple part.

"If 19 years too late Rugby W Cup and mud in the face of the former Prime Minister"

If exceeds the plan cost begins "actually works, criticism similar to the time that was spotted raised 300 billion yen would winding happen. Construction period is too late to September 19 of the Rugby World Cup held in Japan if Nobile, it would be to paint the mud to Japan Rugby Football Union, Chairman Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister of the face in the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee chairman. "

This, I think whether not do now that most concern.
Last week, the reason is that it is me I had by visiting around the National Stadium, but I such as Irassha~tsu received an explanation from someone is walking even around the same day Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister.

In other words, the fact that this report has been made,

"For the JSC at a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party waste eradication project team (PT), but issued a questionnaire on these points ~, answer has not been obtained. On the other hand ministry and JSC in, because say has stated for Kono Taro House of Representatives member of PT Chair to be "as possible to do in the construction period and the cost of the planned", abuses whether there is confidence, or simply irresponsible only such of. "

With respect to Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister at the time of this waste eradication PT,
There was the following news.

Asahi Shimbun DEGITAL (10 月 2 )

Posting from here

"Is it the gentlemen of the Liberal Democratic Party what you're doing - Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic organization Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister, who is the committee chairman, Construction Group to validate the wasteful business of the New National Stadium which is Olympic venue of the Liberal Democratic Party to that it was the target, raised the voice of irritation to. "

"The party of Administrative Reform Promotion Headquarters (Kono Taro Division) last month on the 25th, was questioned from executives of business entities of stadium construction" Japan Sports Promotion Center ". "

"On the other hand Mr. Mori is the 2nd, greeting at a meeting of the make in the bipartisan" Rugby W Cup 2019 Japan Tournament success Parliamentary League "," administrative reform headquarters Why do I have the new National Stadium in sworn enemy. More and more delay it is no longer in time Te. was dumped many things you did not not you quit lawmakers Once seemed regrettable. this do forgive forever to be the way to say "and anger. (Ono KinoeTaro) "

Posting up here

Well, I is that I thought you read this.
I Ja you doing transmitted to Mori? It's gonna be.

New National Stadium is dangerous, it 's not you doing stuck because there is a jumble opposite, in competition do screening and architectural plan was Damedame from the beginning? I Ja you doing transmitted to Mori and? It's gonna be.

Probably in the forest's mind, I think it was this.
(Below, delusion censure: Moriyama)

Around 2011
It looks there is that redevelopment plan around Gaien, I either do try a combination of the Tokyo Olympic bid, Governor.

Around 2012
I What if I raise butyrate a new architecture and if anyway, Governor.
I either do try to leave it to Tadao Ando's world, Governor.

Of 2013 until around October
What did you say? ¥ 300 billion? By once you change such design shop, Ando.
Shaved for? Oh, I'm shaved? Ando.

Until around end of 013 years
What? Also also decided Olympic rugby! People of you.
And because I was a big job of Kondake, I'm already good, Governor.
Governor! Governor! Huh? Gonna quit Inose-kun?

Become a 2014
I annoying is gentlemen softening opposition.
The first one who architectural relationship even you doing complaining?
But it is the design of the feeling that issued the raw oysters and drop

From around July 2014
I do anything mess
Until September, the Hajimero early demolition work!

Around September 2014
When seemed do design is not going well
Or better to asked to general contractors that not it secure
Because I'm certain Even things Gaien redevelopment

October 2014
Why do I have the new National Stadium in sworn enemy
Did not you quit lawmakers Once seemed like do
I, I, rigging? Let begs does not say the Yare until there

In, and become this month
Little actually do Let's check the local,,
,, This something Is it not bad

(More, delusion censure: Moriyama)

Oh, and what not it looks like a

This year, meet people, meet people, Mori Dzukushi,
The'm a situation that I am allowed to write original by Hiroshi Mori feature of Eureka magazine such as the other day.
Because it is Moriyama you are in such a forest world,
MoriYoshiro but former Prime Minister of the feelings I have been conveyed something.

For that Mori, Masuzoe's is now the governor is I such reason began to say the review theory of venue.

Eastern Sports WEB
Olympics venue plan of "review declared" the criticism from the Liberal Democratic Party of voice 2014 to Masuzoe Governor November 05 at 08 00 minutes

Reprinted from here.

Tokyo Yōichi Masuzoe governor (65), in that it was "reviewing declared" the venue plan of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic to be held in 2020, has spread a big ripples. Masuzoe governor who visited such as stadium in foreign trip destination of London spoke as "start over from the beginning to put the private wisdom", the cooperation posture with the private sector to Yoshiro Mori chairman (77) of the Olympic organizing committee also during this week it's intention to seek.

Next year in February is the deadline for submitting tournament basic plan for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Work from the fact that organizations strongly oppose a review of the venue plan is out is expected to difficulties.

"Masuzoe governor We have enthusiastic to be" end always in time. "Held basic plan of Congress, had been scheduled to detailed proposals are summarized at the end of this month it. New to the facility has a problem, such as the construction period , it is not firm the contents in this month and not in time to the basic plan of the deadline to be submitted to the IOC, "said metropolitan government officials said.

The background Masuzoe governor review the venue plan, the athletic facility that was used in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic, is aimed not to "negative legacy" after the end of the event.

London Olympics of 2012, the re-use of venues from the planning stage of the tournament, the spread of exercise opportunities, development and sale of athletes' village, grand design of urban redevelopment is drawn. Greece fell into "debt crisis, there remains a facility called" negative legacy "of the Athens Olympics. Masuzoe because governor is determined that there is a danger that play a Greek Ninomai If you make more and more Japan also a new competition venues Sho "(same)

When the Olympics, the Masuzoe governor that led to the determination of the need to obtain the knowledge of private companies from all angles. However, from the Liberal Democratic Party of home territory rises the voice of criticism and the "there is no binge too! Time".

"Mori is" Yes, I do not think say is either "yes. If the governor says seek ideas on the whether. Private is 0.00 cooperation, but whether there is a network of contacts. Review, let me know purse before going to London you'll thing called muscle keep "
Masuzoe or review the draft of the governor really move forward.

Reprint up here

There is a latest article called.
Here Mori is "Yes, is that so?" Is not to say, It is written with but I I'm somehow, been feeling a say likely is.
Of course, "Yes, as you say governor" but I think that it is not saying that, "in order to be successful Rugby World Cup," Rugby of Holy Land've got to what the future! "Is I think why not say.
It but I think talk of including the rugby field Prince Chichibu.

Rugby Holy Land There are three.
"Prince Chichibu", it is "Garden", "National Stadium".
It 's this one is the Holy Land of a high school student was may and not said "Garden".

When's universities and society, but will that or "Prince Chichibu" or "National",
Again I hear it's "National Stadium".

If you, if Mori is really love rugby, and what I'm not trying to really care that the "National",

That from the "raw oysters those out and drop the" IsozakiShin's to the According if now the new National Stadium continues overlaid changes to the change in the "ponderous a figure such as the turtle to wait for the sinking of the archipelago" plan . ,, Is it not it not real intention is that it would been chosen name to one of its proponents

And, I mean, such hear the Moriyama who live in the forest world.

I is said of Masuzoe governor in this article
"The athletic facility that was used in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic, it is not to" negative legacy "after the end of the event."
Is the correct opinion at all.

It is because, when we tease the history of the Olympic Games, I always do, such as those Tsuitemawa~tsu two sides of the same coin is of that this venue facility problem.

I continued to 4

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