letter to IOC from Mr.F.Maki (Nationa Stadium,Tokyo)

Dear President Bach

Please allow me the liberty of writing to you urgent questions concerning the Japan Sports Council's (the JSC's) authority over the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In the wake of an intense wave of rising public opposition to the proposed new stadium, the JSC has stated that the stadium is a commitment to the IOC which allows the JSC no discretionary authority to make any further change after the recent downsizing. Is their statement true? Is there any such commitment between the IOC and the JSC?

Since the Hadid design for a new 2020 Tokyo Olympic Stadium was made public in November 2012, I am the first person who have openly expressed grave concern about many problems inherent to the design and its programs. Presumable problems include the design's harmony with its historic and verdant environs, huge construction costs functional defects (i.e. absence of warning-up grounds) and safety considerations. the attache excerpt from the Business Times, Wednesday, February 5, 2014, clearly explains my professional opinion on these matters.

I trust that you have seen the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium adjacent to the present national stadium. When I design the gym in the early 1980's, I face a challenge in meeting local legislative requirements, some of the strictest in Tokyo. I am proud to say that I met the challenge.

When I first saw the computer graphic image of the new stadium's aerial view, cast over its designated site, I was dismayed at the Hadid design's colossal scale and height vis-a-vis the gym and environs. I instantly foresaw the numerous problems which the new design would cause.  These problems are now evident even to an amateur; people from diverse professional backgrounds and ordinary citizens have banded together to oppose the design. In fact, the scope and intensity of growing criticisms against the project are unparalleled in the history of architecture in Japan.

It is our understanding that IOC simply wants an 80,000 capacity sports facility usable for the 17-day Olympic Games in a pleasant physical environment and other details are left to be decided by the host city's discretion.

The proposed new stadium is bound to become a big nuisance sooner or later. In the face of inevitable complaints and growing resentment about the many burdens that the inapt mammoth stadium will cause, the JSC is likely to use "the commitment to the IOC" as a way of excuse for their conduct. Should that occur, the JSC's deflecting tactics might stain the IOC's glorious history. We do not want to see that happen.

Therefore, please clarify the IOC's stance in this matter. Tell us precisely the IOC's requirements for the main stadium 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Your clarification will help open a new avenue for our much need dialogue with the JSC. We can put many options on the discussion table with the JSC and other relevant organizations. We can visualize the outcome of truly productive discussions a main stadium highly celebrated during the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and much beloved long afterwards.

Should you be interested in knowing the shortcomings and deficiencies in the proposed stadium design, I would be happy to explain them to you in details.

We are counting on your answers to my questions, - sooner, the better because of the matter's urgency, in whatever way you prefer to do so. Thank you very much to your prompt attention to my letter.

Respectfully yours


by fukimison | 2014-06-30 15:12  

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