Is Tokyo 2020 OK? II

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK? II

Was previously pointed out, stand Engineering District Taisei, roof Engineering District were identified Takenaka Corporation. (Construction communication newspaper November 3)
Although's about Imperial Headquarters announcement that, when what is referred to as how anxious

"Stand Engineering District Taisei, roof Engineering District were identified Takenaka. Agreement, separating the construction and installation and technical cooperation work. Near, on which they have entered into a basic agreement, construction from the standpoint of contractors to perform design how joining the proposed contract of technical cooperation work to do, such as. "

Part of "technical cooperation operations propose such as construction methods from the standpoint of contractors for the execution design" above.

It is written as "contractors makes a proposal for the design."

There? Because he was decided basic design to May 28, should on the basis of it is progressing implementation design, do you do not you builders has bid or proposal on the basis of its implementation design? So each Taisei and Takenaka will do with how much how much! Not a did you say? 's The difference?
And I'm that mean.

Wait Wait a minute, but it was the way side wheels and can press contract, as I and many other people have pointed out even for sure,, Zaha's design design.

"Basic planner for Best design, implementation contractor makes a change."

This alone, although a translation continues to point out that it is a mysterious contract that design supervision contract

The No flame is now?

Are you saying builder to lead-out also to be carried out design to basic design?

When you organize

1. First, although made a great plan that Zaha has Innovation Gunyo
2. Although the Nikken Sekkei it was designed to wipe out the curve you can take Villa
3. Taisei Corporation and Takenaka is I will construction proposed final design!

It's not supposed to be Tteyuu.
Eh! ? This, this, this will do exactly such reason.
So that up to now I was what exactly?

Oh ... speak that happened sobering last year!

"And I'm Zaha had the design of the new National Stadium
I was down imperceptibly If you think "

Although I think Ne Na know ... what are you saying

I also did not know what the difference was ...

Oh ... speak that happened sobering this week!

"I Zaha is a design supervision of the new National Stadium, Nikken Sekkei was down imperceptibly If you think has been the design"

Although I think Ne Na know ... what are you saying

I also did not know what the difference was ...

Head was somehow become likely to ... Toka's or design and construction separating's design

Absolutely and Well mon such cheesy that hey

Whether not it time limit is approaching softened another time?

Tasted a glimpse of the more horrible things

That, serif of Polnareff was floated.

The,, wonder Which of do or should such to this criticism

Site by breath wants to designer architect of I for the first time of the work request of housing in that do not know, budget concreteness also gone bankrupt, I had help over reviewing all the carpenters of builders, , you may hear a story like.

In that case, I was good to ask them to help contractors who, in it is settled you,
In public business relationship, it is no longer of that design and construction isolation order regime I think has become common knowledge,,

If not it, I think that can not bid the construction company.

After the end of the ordinary if basic design, taking the approval, by performing the implementation design after approval, to pass the blueprint is the first time summoned the construction company here.
And phase estimate, construction costs comparison, you will be short setup that bid.

Passed everyone same blueprint and I was thinking just to have a bid of construction costs on the basis of its content but,,

If you read well the article of the previous Ken-setsu communication newspaper It is written in the following manner.

"Technical cooperation operations, ● selection of technology verification and technical proposals ● construction study and proposal review and proposals ● schedule management support and construction process of planning ● calculation of estimated construction costs ● cost management support ● plan professional construction company with respect to the design in general ● such as packaging of professional construction company. "

"Is allowed to participate the builders of engineers from implementation design stage, best, such as in consultation the optimal technical examination and construction methods with an eye to construction, and to confirm the specification."

Jan all.
You will say, all of the usual design practice in to do the implementation design content Yara construction supervision work, here are you seeking to general contractors.

In other words, since not hold the design of Zaha, but Nikken Sekkei tried to somehow, so indescribably become unlikely, and that trying piggybacked to implementation design to general contractors, it is glimpse of such a terrible plan.
In to have, it'll let you be doing to directly construction, it seems to be that.

Thing I mean is,,, still do not you been able to specific design
I have a reason has become self-evident that.

To be continued

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