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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?III

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK?III

The following article came out.

Taisei and showed serious in the new National Stadium of notoriety Funpun, Takenaka of speculation
| Close-Up Enterprise |

This is the Web version of the economic magazine diamond.

"In the industry has been said to favorite is Taisei Corporation and Takenaka Corporation. The two companies had enough reason for the only aim orders seriously."

Because we have been written, Suwa! Did that matter Suppanui! And I thought with, but was different.
However, you have now the situation is summarized well.
Please by all means read the text.

When some will excerpt

"" It was from Anna of you do not want to order the absolute, "" the complexity of the structure, it is going to be a deficit, "" out had better get off from competition for orders "to visibly ──. Between general contractors industry stakeholders the notoriety Funpun is, but rebuilding construction of the National Stadium which is the main stadium of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic of 2020. plan overlaid the vagus second only to the vagus, which discourage the welcome mood of the Olympics. "

"For. ~ Bid-rigging allegations first bid upset .2 times eyes ~ collusion information were received of demolition work, such as receiving a pursuit in the Diet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to answer the" police are investigating. ", unpredictable. "

In "such a situation, JSC in order to order separately the rebuilding work of building body to 2 Engineering section of the stand and the roof, as the favorite among the. General contractor officials who Shimeki~tsu the proposed general contractor company of technology to October 10 names that become prosperous, in the stand Engineering District Taisei's Takenaka Corporation in the roof Engineering District. this two companies, there is sufficient reason to aim orders seriously. "

It came with, Come on, do whatever reason is exposed Jai!
A well-known fact and if the do not and I Once,, Nan thing I thought building officials.

1. Taisei will want to also do this time because I did also before.

"Taisei was worked the current stadium" contractor ". Also Yamauchi Takashi President rebuilding work, have professed to be so far repeatedly in interviews "This would also like working on". "

2. Takenaka to proven dome roof, not you want to do work in the Middle East?

If ask complete the "~ work of Mr. this difficult Zaha, it's perfect to PR of technical capabilities in order to advance in the Middle East that expected to be huge construction future. Risk is higher for Takenaka, but I can say that attractive projects. The technical capabilities of Takenaka who worked on the dome stadium across the country, ordering party is seeking rather "

It was wishful thinking specific content such as.

However, you deserve to evaluation that the general economy paper is depressing to the press to be the construction industry paper if originally thrust more and more.
And it's really great and because it is inscribed manuscript.

Now, this person said something in registered and in any pros and cons about the problem I and culture people with all guts to define.
This is the "Weekly Diamond" edit part of Satoru Okada's written and I would like to send an ale.

Well, I is the largest of the attractions of this article
I'm actually this simple part.

"If 19 years too late Rugby W Cup and mud in the face of the former Prime Minister"

If exceeds the plan cost begins "actually works, criticism similar to the time that was spotted raised 300 billion yen would winding happen. Construction period is too late to September 19 of the Rugby World Cup held in Japan if Nobile, it would be to paint the mud to Japan Rugby Football Union, Chairman Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister of the face in the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee chairman. "

This, I think whether not do now that most concern.
Last week, the reason is that it is me I had by visiting around the National Stadium, but I such as Irassha~tsu received an explanation from someone is walking even around the same day Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister.

In other words, the fact that this report has been made,

"For the JSC at a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party waste eradication project team (PT), but issued a questionnaire on these points ~, answer has not been obtained. On the other hand ministry and JSC in, because say has stated for Kono Taro House of Representatives member of PT Chair to be "as possible to do in the construction period and the cost of the planned", abuses whether there is confidence, or simply irresponsible only such of. "

With respect to Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister at the time of this waste eradication PT,
There was the following news.

Asahi Shimbun DEGITAL (10 月 2 )

Posting from here

"Is it the gentlemen of the Liberal Democratic Party what you're doing - Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic organization Yoshiro Mori, former Prime Minister, who is the committee chairman, Construction Group to validate the wasteful business of the New National Stadium which is Olympic venue of the Liberal Democratic Party to that it was the target, raised the voice of irritation to. "

"The party of Administrative Reform Promotion Headquarters (Kono Taro Division) last month on the 25th, was questioned from executives of business entities of stadium construction" Japan Sports Promotion Center ". "

"On the other hand Mr. Mori is the 2nd, greeting at a meeting of the make in the bipartisan" Rugby W Cup 2019 Japan Tournament success Parliamentary League "," administrative reform headquarters Why do I have the new National Stadium in sworn enemy. More and more delay it is no longer in time Te. was dumped many things you did not not you quit lawmakers Once seemed regrettable. this do forgive forever to be the way to say "and anger. (Ono KinoeTaro) "

Posting up here

Well, I is that I thought you read this.
I Ja you doing transmitted to Mori? It's gonna be.

New National Stadium is dangerous, it 's not you doing stuck because there is a jumble opposite, in competition do screening and architectural plan was Damedame from the beginning? I Ja you doing transmitted to Mori and? It's gonna be.

Probably in the forest's mind, I think it was this.
(Below, delusion censure: Moriyama)

Around 2011
It looks there is that redevelopment plan around Gaien, I either do try a combination of the Tokyo Olympic bid, Governor.

Around 2012
I What if I raise butyrate a new architecture and if anyway, Governor.
I either do try to leave it to Tadao Ando's world, Governor.

Of 2013 until around October
What did you say? ¥ 300 billion? By once you change such design shop, Ando.
Shaved for? Oh, I'm shaved? Ando.

Until around end of 013 years
What? Also also decided Olympic rugby! People of you.
And because I was a big job of Kondake, I'm already good, Governor.
Governor! Governor! Huh? Gonna quit Inose-kun?

Become a 2014
I annoying is gentlemen softening opposition.
The first one who architectural relationship even you doing complaining?
But it is the design of the feeling that issued the raw oysters and drop

From around July 2014
I do anything mess
Until September, the Hajimero early demolition work!

Around September 2014
When seemed do design is not going well
Or better to asked to general contractors that not it secure
Because I'm certain Even things Gaien redevelopment

October 2014
Why do I have the new National Stadium in sworn enemy
Did not you quit lawmakers Once seemed like do
I, I, rigging? Let begs does not say the Yare until there

In, and become this month
Little actually do Let's check the local,,
,, This something Is it not bad

(More, delusion censure: Moriyama)

Oh, and what not it looks like a

This year, meet people, meet people, Mori Dzukushi,
The'm a situation that I am allowed to write original by Hiroshi Mori feature of Eureka magazine such as the other day.
Because it is Moriyama you are in such a forest world,
MoriYoshiro but former Prime Minister of the feelings I have been conveyed something.

For that Mori, Masuzoe's is now the governor is I such reason began to say the review theory of venue.

Eastern Sports WEB
Olympics venue plan of "review declared" the criticism from the Liberal Democratic Party of voice 2014 to Masuzoe Governor November 05 at 08 00 minutes

Reprinted from here.

Tokyo Yōichi Masuzoe governor (65), in that it was "reviewing declared" the venue plan of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic to be held in 2020, has spread a big ripples. Masuzoe governor who visited such as stadium in foreign trip destination of London spoke as "start over from the beginning to put the private wisdom", the cooperation posture with the private sector to Yoshiro Mori chairman (77) of the Olympic organizing committee also during this week it's intention to seek.

Next year in February is the deadline for submitting tournament basic plan for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Work from the fact that organizations strongly oppose a review of the venue plan is out is expected to difficulties.

"Masuzoe governor We have enthusiastic to be" end always in time. "Held basic plan of Congress, had been scheduled to detailed proposals are summarized at the end of this month it. New to the facility has a problem, such as the construction period , it is not firm the contents in this month and not in time to the basic plan of the deadline to be submitted to the IOC, "said metropolitan government officials said.

The background Masuzoe governor review the venue plan, the athletic facility that was used in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic, is aimed not to "negative legacy" after the end of the event.

London Olympics of 2012, the re-use of venues from the planning stage of the tournament, the spread of exercise opportunities, development and sale of athletes' village, grand design of urban redevelopment is drawn. Greece fell into "debt crisis, there remains a facility called" negative legacy "of the Athens Olympics. Masuzoe because governor is determined that there is a danger that play a Greek Ninomai If you make more and more Japan also a new competition venues Sho "(same)

When the Olympics, the Masuzoe governor that led to the determination of the need to obtain the knowledge of private companies from all angles. However, from the Liberal Democratic Party of home territory rises the voice of criticism and the "there is no binge too! Time".

"Mori is" Yes, I do not think say is either "yes. If the governor says seek ideas on the whether. Private is 0.00 cooperation, but whether there is a network of contacts. Review, let me know purse before going to London you'll thing called muscle keep "
Masuzoe or review the draft of the governor really move forward.

Reprint up here

There is a latest article called.
Here Mori is "Yes, is that so?" Is not to say, It is written with but I I'm somehow, been feeling a say likely is.
Of course, "Yes, as you say governor" but I think that it is not saying that, "in order to be successful Rugby World Cup," Rugby of Holy Land've got to what the future! "Is I think why not say.
It but I think talk of including the rugby field Prince Chichibu.

Rugby Holy Land There are three.
"Prince Chichibu", it is "Garden", "National Stadium".
It 's this one is the Holy Land of a high school student was may and not said "Garden".

When's universities and society, but will that or "Prince Chichibu" or "National",
Again I hear it's "National Stadium".

If you, if Mori is really love rugby, and what I'm not trying to really care that the "National",

That from the "raw oysters those out and drop the" IsozakiShin's to the According if now the new National Stadium continues overlaid changes to the change in the "ponderous a figure such as the turtle to wait for the sinking of the archipelago" plan . ,, Is it not it not real intention is that it would been chosen name to one of its proponents

And, I mean, such hear the Moriyama who live in the forest world.

I is said of Masuzoe governor in this article
"The athletic facility that was used in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic, it is not to" negative legacy "after the end of the event."
Is the correct opinion at all.

It is because, when we tease the history of the Olympic Games, I always do, such as those Tsuitemawa~tsu two sides of the same coin is of that this venue facility problem.

I continued to 4

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