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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK? IV

Here you and will be in the following bursting the history of the Olympics.
(Summer Olympics)

1896 Athens, Edison invented activities photo
1900 Paris, Boxer Rebellion
1904 St. Louis, Russo war
1908 London, 1st Brazil immigration
1912 Stockholm, Japan player's first participation.
Discontinued in 1916 6th for the first World War Berlin
1920 Antwerp inaugurated International Federation
1924 Paris, Meiji Jingu Gaien Stadium completed
1928 Amsterdam, Chang Tso-lin incident
1932 Los Angeles、 Manchukuo established
1936 Berlin、 February 26 Incident
1938 send back Tokyo tournament. The Helsinki to alternate site
Discontinued in 1940 for the 12th Helsinki World War II
1944 London canceled because of the 13th World War II
London Date year (1948) the 14th 1948 Germany is not invited
1952 Helsinki, San Francisco Peace Treaty
1956 Melbourne, pollution problem Minamata disease certification
1960 Rome, Vietnam War
1964 Tokyo, Meishin, the Tokaido Shinkansen opened
1968 Mexico City, 300 million yen robbery
1972 Munich, Asama Zhuang incident
1976 Montreal, Lockheed scandal
1980 Moscow, Iran-Iraq war
1984 Los Angeles, Glico Morinaga case
1988 Seoul, Tokyo Dome completed 24th
1992 Barcelona, Bosnia conflict
1996 Atlanta, Democratic Party formed
2000 Sydney, Yoshiro Mori in Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi died successor
2004 Athens, Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake Sumatra earthquake
2008 Beijing, iPhone released
2012 London, Sky Tree completion, the yen 77 yen table
2016 Rio de Janeiro
2020 Tokyo

Out of aborted 29 times 3 times out of the try arranging this and modern Olympic Games 32 times (including plans),
In the host country have been made four times and twice in Germany and Australia of the United States.
Real, the second time in the same city is performed, Athens, Paris, London, is a Los Angeles and Tokyo.

There was an image that has been held in various countries in that celebration of international sport, but it was not really.
Given, including the Winter Olympics, is a more remarkable,
America seven times, France 5 times, Japan 4 times, you have become Germany and Canada and Italy three times.
I say surprisingly If you think anew, and What was likely, and All in all.
This eventually, because is that the Italy Germany Japan and Australia and France Britain and the United States, it does not take the fact that only the parties to the war?
Causes and parties that was canceled are also wearing fine, and I will see that that is working dynamics of international political celebration of the Olympic Games.

However, the Olympics because it is a general rule is that the city held, I think Athens, Paris, London, held policy towards Tokyo of 2020 the same city held were determined subsequent to Los Angeles to become the place to which the world paid attention.

Because it is nearly 100 years before either of that twice in Paris held, but a little I think less likely to reference,
And I think very would be helpful is something 2004 Athens Olympics of case 10 years ago from now.

Stadium was like the main venue.

Well Well, again rather than covering the stadium in a circle, I have designed the keel-shaped arch. Softening put the straight spine to the shape of the stadium I was so also of the Sochi Olympics venue, but I was the epidemic of this much in '10.
Spanish architect, is Santiago Calatrava design.

Nanda, the new National Stadium competition, "revolutionary!" "You want to Japan Genki!" "Bridges! And never seen!" Tadao Jury President Ando at Toka is I was told that you selected in Horuhoru excited ,,,,, whether Calatrava was doing in its own way.

Please refer to here because we have commentary previously for Zaha draft
Basic design of the new National Stadium is not finished! ⑤

However the difference between Zaha you will find the suppressed behavior over tension from the left and right triangular and that it is as a cable-stayed bridge to suspend the roof eaves stand.

Its sides are building systems that are achieved fusion of structure and design, including the Yoyogi Olympic pool of Tange Kenzo teacher.

The relationship between the structure and design of this per, structure house a is Saito Kimio teacher of large space dome that represents the current Japan because we make yourself described in detail in an interview with JIA magazine, and by all means I hope you read there.

"Two of feeling against the new National Stadium"
Next: I hear this from -7 Kimio Mr. Saito of architect

The main venue of the stadium of Athens, unlike corruption case of Zaha draft of the new National Stadium, rather not you worry about is growling uh-huh by've decided variant earlier, because Calatrava's original civil engineers, mechanical did on considering the mechanism before, since Aru to enhance the design, we have a Well unreasonable there is no shape.

However, the roof is a setting that does not open and close.

Well, I was over this stadium pretty money.
Although had become a hot topic in the foreign site, when you called what is happening the venue facilities through the '10 from Athens Olympics,,

And this is it is, unfortunately,

The'm so become now.

Main venue around also

Acha, I have been devastated.

Although baseball field, such as it was so beautiful at the time of the Olympic

Now, this is Zama.

Pen Pen is grass.

Fall - no, what do such because not popular baseball because Greece
It's okay because leverage by or on if it was Japanese professional baseball home! There may be some voice that,,

Nara, I do what about the Toka canoe competition?
It is an ultra-violent Han pool flowing,,

Burns are people who do in mountain streams and lakes canoe, canoe competition facility will happens do after Olympic,,,

Pen Pen is grass.

There was also the that beach volleyball facility.

Oh! Amazing. I've been to the audience and high touch to jump.
Now here it is not than have questioned the disciplines.

It is about whether,, is happening utilization of facilities.

Also in this beach volleyball venue

Was Pen Pen grass.

For the addition to "10 years after the Athens Olympics venue", but had been variously introduced

Well, I am a bit of ruins.

It is not this in Japan? I will not be in Japan.

The operation either to not do regardless, it will continue to maintenance kit continues to put on a regular cleaning.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

So, first glance unlike Athens I think not ruins of.

But, Maki teacher is extends enshrined as "silence of civil engineering facilities" as you pointed out, I think do is turn into a facility, such as Heigei the endlessly around without even the usually are generally available.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

Even though come to idle the concert, even come to see a soccer game, I will not be Nan'nimo fun other than that fall within the venue.

And out of the crowded out intense, Yobi-ya's also entertainment professional also, in a concert that can not be to crowded intense I think that it can not recover the venue costs.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

If left now of planning,'m the only road and artificial ground is around, even now because private shop around is I not hold only Hope eaves and several other hotels in relation to the peacetime frequency of use,

As a result, often there is no choice but to reluctantly situation use the restaurant, which is expensive to set for the construction cost recovery as the restaurants and cafes in the public facilities are expected.

Although the maintenance costs are very a problem,,,

Come to think of it, because there is no Meiji Park and public toilets, because likely taxi break even harder, I do not know whether survive even Hope eaves.

Greece've got to economic collapse and because it originally lazy country! Some people called.

When Japan national everyone of emergency, since I work as workhorse, if you use a much thousand eight hundred yen more than 100 million people total population drink full kinda went to the tavern, the New National to enjoy two weeks of Olympic who became release said in it is and public places built the stadium will stay.

Grandfather also grandmother also sick also Would do elementary and junior high school students both a full drink settings in tavern infant

Since this stood too belly, but did not talk about until now, it does not allow absolutely. Please baked in the eyes because those volunteers will them to videos UP.

Anona, this emergency he contingency of do you avoid!
Playful also travel to irresponsible for!

With that said, Greece and called a,, at all or Damedame of the

In fact, I will not!
Up to this referral facility was Damedame.

However! I had a great facility plan as Olympic venue.
It is I, is also playing in front of the ancient building more than 1000.

And it's reproduction of the reproduction.

1896 is when the first time Athens tournament.

This facility in 2004 after 108 years I've been re-playing.

Is I find're also utilized as a green oasis of urban space.

But is not already taking advantage,, and originally in 1000 over the previous Greek architect to say that taking advantage of the natural terrain

It is not even utilizing the.

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