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Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK? V

Whether Is Tokyo-2020 OK IV
In it is used in Introducing the first Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, which was
Stadium that has been reused as goal venue of marathon in 2004 Athens Olympics.

Panathinaiko Stadium I called "Panamax Cena good girl Stadium".
In Greek it seems referred to as (Παναθηναϊκό Στάδιο),
It was called before more than a thousand years, but it is really more before tremendously.
It is built in BC 329 years, it is renovated in 250 BC,
The BC 131 years had been rebuilt by marble.

Because to understand the BC comes out hesitation, when you called some years ago
Been built in 2333 before, it is renovated in 2264 before, it was rebuilt in 2145 before.
I will be that.
It is this era, the Roman era.
At the same time it is Macedonia of Alexander the Great's era.

Warring States period in China, Qin, Chu Qi, Yan-Zhao Wei, is divided into Korea of seven countries, it is the time of the Meng Award kun before coming out Toka Shi Huangdi.
You have been quite drawn in novels of Miyagi valley teacher, I is the time most interesting among the Chinese history.
Cao Cao, Liu Bei, it is long ago still before 500 years of the famous Three Kingdoms in Sun Quan, et al.

Japan and say this time and what was not, we do not know well.
Only statement that sixth generation of Takayasu's emperor is in the Kojiki and Japan secretary.

It is not a tremendous historic buildings in the wind that, but greatness of genre of architecture that its value is questioned beyond this long time.

Architectural culture but I was able to show the figure to the people of the world after also perish its civilization.
Words without through, but also even lost, it is possible to exchange the number ten generations exchange past people and sensibility.

Or city that became everyone have not as of Inca and Maya have been discovered from the jungle, you can be dug out of the desert as Egypt, and I think you have been or are discovered from an artificial satellite.

What it is is I academic to think the, what can be grafted, in the case of a Japanese architect, trend after the war in '70 to disdain the such a historical education for each era in architectural science at such a historical genealogy originally and has also followed through.

It, but I have reiterated many times in the gurnard, you more also that in response to the city bombing the city and the environment on a large scale had been lost in the Pacific War,

In the same time the process of architectural education and design education, each to something waiting further neutral grounds is, the education that he is the architectural design for the self-expression in a personal manifestation, it has continued also performed this several decades at the university, such a human resources education has continued here two generations.

The called culture to undergo reorganization and change over three generations and produces a pretty dangerous situation. That is, when up to Grandpa and grandson are planting the same ideological format, because rebounding is become much more difficult.

In that sense, meaning the, now in their 20s architectural work of students and architecture that has been learned that the architect of the teacher of over 80 years of age in the new National Stadium problem is calling on young people become very hard please be clenching seriously young people who took to.

You it is, when you did not Uketsuge the words of desperate masters architect beyond this 80-year-old, I die really of Japanese architecture culture.

At the same time, 40s 50s architects including me, please wake up whether eye.

It is of such you who are you located in the center of the relay to pass the baton of this architectural culture.

It was about the nature of the venue in Athens Olympics as two round of Olympic named.

Well, it was then subjected to a second time, Los Angeles.
Or would've been done with the new new because I'm American

And that the 1776 founding, there is only the history of the 200 decades.
Moreover, it is also because it is in 1846 had reached the west coast, but I do not only the history of the real 150 years,

Upon twice held the 10th of 1932 and the 23rd of 1984
Have been re-used.
It is named the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Candidate cities under the influence of the Great Depression of 1929 is as determined as it is there is only Los Angeles.
Around the world it was held in a very situation that go towards the catastrophe of unprecedented.

And, in 1984

I looks as it is distinctive gate.

This is a 1984 opening ceremony I remember well was descended people carrying a small jet.

Especially in this tournament is famous that it did not use a penny tax.
Later I also negative part that became so called a commercial Olympics, but broadcast fees and sponsor revenue, sales, etc. of memorabilia, raise the surplus of 40 billion yen, the full amount of youth promotion and Sports it seems to have been donated for.

It is a large difference and yet commercial Olympics of to will likely current situation by introducing a large amount of tax.

In addition, the United States seems to Nikki make a renovation plan this stadium in 2016 towards the next generation.

This is the roof of the stand.

It Are You are the appropriate use to bears the name of the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium.

The memorial is the meaning of Memorial.
Memorial A, it means that leave so that the memories.

"To Meiji Jingu Gaien'm only history of 100 years was Takada, though before that was the parade ground of the army, what 's history, what is culture' s" but you have to say Ya wants architectural historian and, the face the Come fresh start to wash! Is.

I'm not a natural phenomenon of each others for Tteyuu history!
All people'm parties.

By its civilization and national and town, but temporal length and strength are different each, I participate in the history of the members belong the society of all of the community is obliged to fateful.

What Is History?

How can I wrote at the beginning of the regimen you used at the time of the lecture the other day of the Kyoto University of Art and Design

[History] History

Plight of some sort of thing has been changes in time, it relates to a document or record of thing.

According to philosopher Wilhelm Windelband, whereas science is a general rule repeatable history is not repetitive, history is defined as having as much and personality once.

And, architecture is most media can lead to the Chronicle.

[Chronicle] Chronicle
Hen'nenshi, placed on the annals, and kept to a history, to record the event in chronological order

The culture and civilization there full of those characters and records had been lost. That it is possible to Shinobu the bygone days, even beyond the generations, is the architecture.


A structure that the space with the inside of the for human activities, planning, design, that of the entire process of action leading up to construction and use, and that of its structure

Architecture rather than simply worth the modeling and design of the structure, it is because there remains a trace of human behavior in there throughout society.

So, now, what to do with the new National Stadium? Question is imposed on all of the people, in particular it is possible to understand the situation has expertise to architecture, can be people of interpretation to the surroundings, must be considered from directly in front.

Next, London tournament.

When London tournament is called How was whether,

I continued to 6

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