Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
Translated by Google Translation

Is Tokyo 2020 OK? VI

In, what do How was London convention of the most recent Olympic 2012.
I from London held is the third time in the first place
And 4th of 1908 and has been held in 1948. (1944 is the stop for the World War)

2012 main stadium of London Games is new.

It was that accommodate 80,000 people conduct the opening and closing ceremonies at this stadium.
And I was open competition in also 80 000 seats in the new National Stadium the number of this time basis.

So far, but is why has preached the renovation reuse of old facilities in Athens and Los Angeles.

Do not you have built a new 80,000-seat facility is the most recent of London, and Shokei engaged in ridiculous plan of the new National Stadium is I think I'm self-justification.
Since Ya do London recommendation has to do so also 80 000 people a do or in new construction Tokyo! And

"Hon'nara you also do either! Die dies London" but is where you want to say

It is, however, London senior is different gang you are familiar with the Olympics or rather indeed.
Or in the London Olympics to do with facilities after the Olympics, and what wear if the settlement after the Olympics, I was well think about.

This is the overall picture of the stadium.

The bottom of the layers, and the structure of the audience area below loosely from the portion just looks like a terrain, auditorium part that is supported by double triple ring structure Nokkaru above I can desorption.

25 000 seats of the lower structure as a permanent permanent seat
55 000 seats of the superstructure as a temporary temporary seat

Actually, I'm not a 80 000 people.

Olympic after the end of such of the 80 000-person capacity stadium will I become very baggage.

After completion of the Olympics to consider usage, I in the worst case has been designed to be compact.

In vain fool plan of the New National Stadium, even though not even arrived in time to no longer Rugby World Cup, the Shokei you have stick still, I would like you to this fact Shikato ascertaining.

So, the other facilities of the London Olympics says the same or
(Facilities for swimming competitions) Aquatics Center in the main stadium and the Olympic Park in East London in the same way is this.

Again, permanent seat 2500, in the temporary seat 15 000, I will remove it after the Olympics.

And as expected, has been built reduced.

But even during the Olympic appearance in there was a huge audience that extends on both sides,

After the exhibition will have been taken down.

There was also a blueprint.

Cross-sectional shape at the time of the Olympic Games

The cross-sectional shape of the post-Olympic end

Please look at the lower left of this drawing is notable.

It is written as "SECTION LEGACY MODE".

By "SECTION" means "sectional view".

"MODE" is, "I now work mode" as or vice versa, but now the computer or game is popular will or use in slang of "state" or "plight", meaning such as "form" I.

The "LEGASY" It means such as "heritage", "assets".

In other words, this facility I is used the way after the Olympic Games, is designed been incorporated that to stay alive as Olympic heritage as an asset that from the beginning.

The result becomes a useless after the Olympics, and now lack to management, there is also the ruins of the facility. There is also a facility that is compressing the runaway finances the maintenance costs and at the same time I was just a huge Hakomono of for the Olympics.

So as not to be so, I plan to make it easier re-use of it while leaving the London Olympics of memory had been conceived.

The Aquatics Center I like had been planned from before the Olympic decision, but trying to hide what, I design's architect Zaha Hadid was chosen in the new National Stadium competition.

In this Aquatics Center even length about 200m scale of the roof, also 30m as in there is only height, to a 4-minute one about the size of the new National Stadium, because there is no moving parts, realize the shape of Zaha it seems can be.

And has realized the "big tongue" shaped roof structure by method of the same as a three-dimensional three-dimensional truss and Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center of Azerbaijan.

However, the estimated construction from the very beginning of the budget is three times the 200 million 40 million pounds, finally but seems to have become to 600 million pounds,

Is about the huge size and its shape structure, which is a maximum factor of today's new National Stadium problem is difficult to hold towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but just because Zaha is designed not mean necessarily huge I can see that no.

Considered experts created by the seriously competition demands of the new National Stadium rather, Incorporating the needs no mistake, if the judges of the new National Stadium competition is made the right decision to have a sense of responsibility, designer architecture also in what people is why had been established.

So make small, to inherit the legacy, if it was demand of competition called, would have architect who is proposed in its range.

London Olympics when you attract decision in 2005, "Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee London · (London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, LOCOG)" has been installed is a thing called.

City of London on the occasion of the Olympic Games at the same time, this East London area (Hackney Ward, Newham District, Tower Hamlets District, Waltham Forest District, Greenwich District and 6th district of London plus Barking And Dagenham District) a, and positioned as Olympic host municipality, this 6th district is security, learning achievement, health, residential level, it was listed in the goal to catch up to the average of the City of London in the field of life, such as life expectancy "for strategic redevelopment I have made a policy of framework (Strategic Regeneration Framework) ".

In addition, we have established agency responsible for re-use of the facility called "Olympic Park Legacy Corporation (Olympic Park Legacy Company, OLPC)".

When this time of the Tokyo Olympics, not yet one is not organized well composition, such as to induce such specific and effective urban policy, also appear institutions responsible.

Only there is a poem and confusion, a is Tadao Ando responsible for all the problems from the beginning to the end fundamentally, still repeat the lie and the sophistry of ad hoc, I only just run about trying to escape the single-mindedness.

From Masuzoe governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government is returned from the visit to London of Olympic facilities, you'll need a lot of review. I've been speaking with, I do not not even root plan should be reviewed.

People of policy makers is to first make a great policy, then what should constitute what Tokyo in this Olympic opportunity, from the perspective of urban planning point of view and consumers, now 50 years, how to 100 years such is it leave a legacy, also in '50 so far, 100 years of the same to be such whether inherit a legacy, it is what I would like you to think about such a primary problem.

In that sense, now,, Toka not miss the new National Stadium plan 's Rugby World Cup, dismantling of the current National Stadium becomes postal rigging and commotion, a lot of problems a lot of things are still unresolved it becomes an opportunity for people to know, and I think that it is a good chance to take heart the rudder.

This "London Olympic legacy Corporation" There was one of the materials are working on how to re-use of the facility.

To be continued

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