Is Tokyo 2020 OK?

Written by Mr. Takashi Moriyama
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Is Tokyo 2020 OK VII

JLGC(Japan Local Government Centre)
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations(CLAIR, London)

Report for one year after the London Olympic facilities are located in the following

When you Excerpt from "use after their tournament and was built stadium in the Olympic Park in London Olympics"

Basketball Arena
Only in construction has been temporary stadium for the London Olympic Games. The removal and possible reuse. Already been removed, I'm looking for a current buyer.

The Copper Box
Handball, it was used as a stadium fencing like. I was re-opened in July 2013. After re-open, basketball, badminton, and has become a handball arena, can also be used as a venue for sports events.

Eaton Manor
Although originally was Sports Center graduates has been the creation of Eton is a prestigious public school, where it had not been used since 2001, it has been re-used as a stadium at the London Olympics. 2014-2016 years wheelchair tennis championship, it is used as a venue for the European Hockey Championship in 2015.

Riverbank Arena
It was built as a hockey stadium of reusable temporary. Already been demolished, I was transferred to the "Eton Manor," above.

For track racing Velodrome "Berodoromu (Velodrome)", it has become the energy efficiency of high design that is friendly to the environment, has won many awards related to architecture and design. After the Olympics, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority has been owned and operated. It is used as a venue for the 2016 UCI Track World Championships.

London Aquatics Centre
15,000 seats and toilet of the seats 17,500 seats, has been recycled using the recycling system of polyvinyl chloride called "Binirupu (Vinyloop)".

Water Polo Arena
It was built as a temporary venue for water polo. Can be reused by using a system called aforementioned "Binirupu". Already been removed.

Olympic Stadium
It was built in the design that can reduce the auditorium after the Olympics. Decorations called "wrap (wrap)" 8 which covers the outer periphery of the stadium, already sold order to provide for use in the event that contains the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016.
Scheduled to re-open in 2016. The same year more than 99 years, soccer teams of England's Premier League, "West Ham United" is, to use the main tenant of the stadium (anchor tenant) next, as the home.
In addition, "the British Association of Athletics Federations (UK Athletics)" is, have won the right to use the track of the same stadium from every year the end of June of 50 years from 2016 until the end of July.
Formal re-open before the 2015 fall, in addition to have decided that it is used as a Rugby World Cup venue, it is used as a venue for the World Athletics Championships in 2017.

In addition, in the Greenwich Park Equestrian has been made Japanese architect also has been active.

Speaking of Greenwich Park, It is such site.

Here I'm is a little problem to build a permanent building.

Equestrian at the Olympics is the after being successfully done I have been removed

What is possible is it, That's because it was temporary in the same way as the festival.

Yama嵜 Kazuya's report that has been designed and supervision facilities of using the pipe 20 000 seats as of bamboo tower of Japanese festival is located in the following.
Oar Olympics athletes protagonist, architecture festival
Japanese who are active in the Olympics

When we compare now with gudaguda of problems that are happening in the Tokyo Olympic facility, I do not think the reuse Toka Toka temporary of Toka recycling facilities often?

You pay at the concert use of idle Maybe, I'm not sure whether Toka or lawn grows, you will surely grow, Toka, I do not know whether construction costs will be much, but I do not but build, whether with Unlike , but it is decent adult support.

50,000 Olympic Stadium that had also consider that to remove the 5000 seats are no longer removed eventually.
Re remodeling because was decided combination of ball field and athletics stadium.

With that said, the Olympic Stadium has become a local team home ground of "West Ham United FC" in the Premier League.

And I think well you know when it was people of football fans to hear that "Premier League", but it is one of the Football League currently the world's highest.
In Europe there is a history of more than 150 years for the soccer competition such as the current.
The start but it was a London of the United Kingdom, for each country born professional soccer team in each country, and I got to do a league of soccer.
"Serie A" to is the first division of Italy, "La Liga" is a first division of Spain.
Japan 's you know, "J-League".

As a general noun When I hear the "Premier League", it seems like you're pointing to the top division of those countries, but is different.
"Premier League" is the British league.

England Football League sluggish from the 1980s, How can had the aging and hooligan incidents such as the various problems of the facility, Thatcher regime leverage Put the era have been made, the Football League until it in 1992 1 is composition new FA Premier League from part League, also broadcast rights and sponsorship enables, management also can be successful, successful regeneration of England Football League has led to now.
1st Division of soccer's the Premier League in England.

As the home of West Ham United FC that belong to the Premier League, as well as keep the renovated part of the stand 54 000 seats, the following features have been incorporated.

Stand it had to design a mechanism to approach the pitch during the football game.

If I thought so well go kana, and, I seem to have gone well.

Although is why we have seen the various facilities of the London Olympic Games in the fact that,

The first place region resulted in this time of Olympic main venue is called the East End of London, is a downtown London development was delayed.
Was once the town of immigrants and engaged in forced the poor to simple labor in overcrowded residential situation even worse around 1900.

Dock in the 20th century, factories, but had become the industrial zone, including the railway, during the Second World War is also the attack target point of the German army, it is such a city then was also followed by devastation.

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