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New National Stadium, Tokyo Japan

Open letter : From Mr. Makoto Morokura to Mr. Tadao Ando

Mr. Motokura is a prominent architect and Mr Ando is a chair of Adviser Council which chose Ms. Zaha Hadid' design

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I sent a (open letter) letter like the following addressed to Tadao Ando from me today.

Dear Sir, Mr. Tadao Ando

As a friend of the same architect, I would recommendations.

To be repeated extra effort you and studied architecture at self-taught, so far has created a building that has many excellent, I have always received a deep respect.

Your attitude was one that stands up for his people to no-name is always weak.Behavior and in Kobe-Awaji Earthquake, behavior of the Great East Japan Earthquake has good representation about it. And movement to protect the natural, trying to get her back to nature lost gets a sympathy of many people.
When designing a building, you've continued to pursue the theme of "What is the way of architecture that best fits the environment."
And consideration of the height of the building in consideration the way of architecture and terrain in the apartment of Rokko, construction of terrain for the plant in Awaji Island, concern for the landscape of the underground museum, the tree-lined zelkova in Omotesando , you'll be able to simply friendly relations landscape and nature of the terrain, such as plants and that is the Ando building.

Current crisis of the global environment have been calls, you are going to need, kindness to the environment created by the architecture and the people you called your world has shown.And what you have continued to explore the past, plays a role as a symbol of our society should be headed in the future.Ando, I think of you "to what" people around the world whether they have to realize that now, and I want to recognize once again that the.

Let's consider the issue of "new National Stadium" again here.
This project is inconsistent with (story) mythology of you thought of you ever came built, and architecture, your any way you slice it.
That it would troll the Jingu Outer Garden by the trees cut down should not go with your view of nature that we have been trying to protect the trees in just a little.
Construct too huge, you should also do not fit and considerate attitude to landscape your usual. And how proposals in Omotesando or would reconciling the.
Or If you could have wanted this stadium proposal is not a thing of the scale out scenic, I think your sense of scale (tone-deaf) and ashamed as an architect is a professional.
To people who have not even name a weak that you have lent power always, this time not be a ally Why is.I believe that us to action your courage here.
Because you can that we, including the world by doing so will continue to have the assessment of you who have believed until now.
I hope that you are willing to do the following for you.
Please be frozen once the making Jingu Outer Gardens to a draft of the new National Stadium of this time. And again, it Either transfer project of great renovation plan full of wisdom, please consider whether to build a Zaha proposal to the Gulf region.
The "Proposal of road and wind green" to put the main stadium in the Gulf area that you have proposed certainly the last time, of improving actively natural environment of Tokyo, it was proposed that excellent good representation of the idea itself of you.Do you do it from now.

For you who is responsible for the part of the structure of the country by now, that reverse a ruling from now may not be so easy indeed.However, If this is carried out with courage, consistency of building your ideas and your are kept, mythology and architectural environment will be further strengthened.
Many hurdles due to the conversion of the plan now will be able to go overcome by the power of public opinion and our fellow architecture, and fellow citizens. It is prepared to spare no effort to that.
If you're able to advance toward the new National Stadium, then the Tokyo Olympics, will be a real festival everyone has one heart at that time. It I think this is one of the origin of the Olympic Games.

To have the courage, please take heart the rudder.

Yours sincerely

June 9, 2014

Motokura Makoto

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6月10日付けFT紙はSilvertown Quays project given go-aheadとして再開発プロジェクトにジョンソン市長がゴーサインを出したことを伝えています。



開発事業者のSilvertown PartnershipはChelsfield Properties(開発事業者)と First Base(再発専門業者)によるコンソーシアム。この土地の所有者であるThe Greater London Authorityが2012年に同社を優先開発業者に選定、マスタープランを含む計画概要申請はアラップによって作成され、2014年にNewham議会に提出の予定。

このニュースはBBCも6月10日にShopping destination for Silvertown Quays in £1.5bn dealとして報道しています。





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Liquefied Air Could Power Cars and Store Energy from Sun and Windこれは5月20日付けのMIT Technology Reviewにあったもの。


「ロンドンを本拠とするHighview Power Storage社は1800万ドルの資金を調達し、送電網からの電力を蓄電するパイロットプラント建設に乗り出す。Highview社は巨大ガス企業のMesser社と共に技術開発に乗り出す。順調に進めば、英政府は商業的に実証可能な大型プラント開発資金を供与する予定だ。」


5月12日付けのGas World誌が紹介した記事がありますが、Two liquid air projects through to feasibility stage of competitionによれば、「2012年10月に設立された蓄電技術実証コンペの第1期に12のプロジェクトが選ばれ、そのうちの2つがHighview社であり液体空気エネルギーであった」のくだり。Energy Storage Technology Demonstration Competitionなんていうコンペがあるのが面白い!



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そのせいか目に付く記事もこういったもの、5月15日付ガーディアン紙Boris Johnson's call for tax-raising powers for London boosted by report




もう少し探してみると5月10日にBoris wants control over London’s taxと言う記事があり、それには「Leaked copies of a report commissioned by the Mayor of London suggest he wants control over the £12bn of revenue raised in the capital from duties such as council tax, stamp duty, high end property taxes, and capital gains tax in the capital. In return central government funding would be cut by an equivalent amount.」

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本日は韓国ヘラルドでみつけたこれLand Ministry to aid overseas infra projects



「、特に海外プラント建設市場では過当競争が続いている、国内第4位のGS Engineering社は海外プロジェクトの薄利により3億4200万ドルの純損失を計上」




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